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All of our instructors are experts in the field of fitness education.
Group Aerobic fitness classes are a great way to get variety and put some fun in your workout. At Gb3 you can choose from a range of classes to tone, shape, burn fat or build balance and increase flexibility.  Aerobic workouts are any workout that brings your heart rate up to a level of 70 – 80 percent.  They include fast paced walking, swimming, biking, jogging as well as the tried and true aerobic dance class. By starting slow and building up over time you will increase your fitness level and your cardiovascular health.
If your goal is to lose weight then an aerobic workout is ideal.  A healthy diet along with regular exercise is the safest and most sure way of losing weight as well as keeping the weight off.  A low-fat diet high in protein and fiber in the appropriate proportions combined with regular steady exercise will result in a healthier and leaner body. The respiratory and circulatory systems can greatly benefit from aerobics. Oxygen is circulated through the body and thus allows the heart to work more efficiently.  The benefits to the body do not stop at the heart; the muscles also benefit from the increased oxygen and will increase your energy level and burn fat more effectively.